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                                                      ELECTRONICS AUTHORITY, INC.

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                                                        BEL 980 RADAR / LASER DETECTOR


                                            SUG. RETAIL  : $ 329.95

The BEL 980 provides a level of customization unmatched by any other radar detector. A unique feature allows you to manually select radar band coverage and omit bands that are not used in your area. City mode can also be customized to work with only user selected bands. The 980 also features the industryís first digital PLL synthesized oscillator. This patent-pending technology delivers the ultimate in frequency accuracy and performance under all operating conditions. BELís Advanced Protection System incorporates the first use of Flash Microcontroller technology in a radar detector. This technology provides the capability to reprogram the detectorís software as new police traffic enforcement technologies emerge. Fundamental Mixer Technology (FMT) results in higher sensitivity and greater detection range. BELís Image Rejection Technology provides ultra-sensitive X/K/Super wideband detection without compromising the sensitivity on any portion of the critical super wideband Ka. Shadow Technology II, an improved second generation in VG-2 undetectablility, provides complete immunity to the interceptor VG-2 or any other radar detector detector (RDD). The 980 also auto calibrates all tuning parameters to provide complete, accurate, and programmable coverage of all radar bands. All BEL detectors feature the Safety Warning System (SWS) which provides distinct alerts for emergency vehicles and hazards. BEL radar detectors feature Image Rejection Technology (IRT) which provides super-sensitive X/K/Super Wideband KA. BELís Total Tracking Laser (TTL) has twin laser detection ports front and rear for superior detection in off-axis coverage and in every direction.  
  • User Selectable Band Coverage 
  • Detects X, K, Super Wideband Ka (33.4-36.0 GHz) Radar, Laser, and SWS signals 
  • Digital Voice or Audio Alerts for X/K/Super Wideband Ka Radar, Laser and SWS. 
  • Tutorial Mode 
  • Memory Retention of Preferred Settings 
  • P/V (Power Volume Button) 
  • Bright/Dark Fully Adjustable Settings 
  • Ultra-Bright Text Display with 60 Messages 
  • High, Low and Fully Adjustable Mid-Range Audio Levels 
  • Automatic and Manual Muting of audio alerts 
  • City/Highway with User Selectable Band Coverage 
  • Instant-On/Pulsed Radar Warning 
  • 4-LED Display provides visual confirmation of Radar signal strength, confirms the presence of Laser signals and conveys SWS message categories. 
  • Low-Voltage Warning is provided if power to unit falls below 10.5 volts. 
 Warranty: 2 years