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 Product Information

Philips CDR760 ReWritable Compact  Audio CD Disc Recorder* 

Manufactuer's Model # CDR760 
These units are Brand New 

     This is the product that everyone who has ever made a recording of their music has been waiting for. A stand alone CD recorder. The CDR760 simply connects to your existing audio sources, both digital and analogue and lets you record a CD simply by pressing a couple of buttons. There are no complex start-up procedures, and the result is perfect every time: an absolutely accurate copy of the original source. The Philips can record up to 74 minutes of your favorite music, from any source. Create a unique CD of your favorite music now, in CD sound and record over and over again. 


Record From Any Source 
All Philips Audio CD-Recorders can record from two types of audio sources:  

  • Digital, e.g. Compact Disc, Digital Audio Tape, MD, Digital Audio Broadcasts (i.e. digital radiotransmissions) or Digital Compact Cassette. 
  • Analogue, e.g. LP's, tapes, cassettes, conventional radio or a microphone. 
When you record from a digital source there will be no loss of quality. But analogue to digital recordings are a different matter. You have to remember that the quality of the original determines the quality of your CD. So you can, for example, expect to hear some noise on a back-up copy of your favorite LP.  

Playback on All Equipment 
Philips Audio CD-Recorders work with two kinds of discs: CD-Recordable Digital Audio discs and CD-ReWritable Digital Audio discs. The first type is also known as a `write once' disc: the information is permanently stamped in the aluminum reflective layer. As a result it is compatible with the CD standard and can therefore be played on any CD-player. The second type can be re-recorded many times, while the sound does not loose any of its digital brilliance. Erasing is possible on either the last track or the entire disc. 

Record 100's of Times 
In 1982 Philips launched the CD and changed our way of listening forever. No LP or tape came even close to the sound of this handy and wear-free plastic disc. In fact its only limitation was that you could not record on it. So naturally we tried to develop a version that made this possible. In the end we didn't just come up with one new disc, but with two: the CD-Recordable and the CD-ReWritable.  

  • The CD-Recordable (CD-R) Digital Audio discs can be recorded just once and then played in any of the world's 600 million CD-players. Including your sound machine, portable player, car stereo or home stereo system. 
  • The CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) Digital Audio disc, can be erased and re-recorded hundreds of times, without any loss of quality. If you change your mind, you simply change your selection.

  • CD-RW discs have a lower reflectance than standard CD's and are therefore not compatible with existing CD-players. However, they can be played on Philips Audio CD-recorders. Furthermore we are already working on a new generation of CD-players that will be able to play CD-RW Digital Audio discs
It Can't Get Any Easer 
A Philips Audio CD-Recorder is very easy to use. If you know how to work a cassette recorder, and who doesn't, the controls will be quite familiar. All you really have to do is connect the source and press the `rec.' button. The CD-Recorder will take care of everything else, like numbering the tracks so that you can trace them back in an instant.  

*This unit works Only with Consumer Audio CD-R* or CD-RW* discswith Consumer Audio CD-R* or CD-RW* discs  

General Information  

  • Single tray Audio CD-Recorder 
  • Records and plays digital Audio CD-R and CD-RW discs 
  • Plays all Audio CDs (120mm + 80 mm discs) 
  • Records from all home stereo analogue and digital sources (44.1 kHz) 
  • Optical input 
  • Digital coaxial input & output 
  • Automatic or manual track numbering 
  • CD-synchronized auto start recording from all digital sources (disc) 
  • 1 bit Analogue-to-Digital converter 
  • SCMS Serial Copy Management System 
  • Max. 30-track program 
  • Gold plated headphone connection 
  • Remote control 
  • Color: Black (Silver optional) 
  • Compact disc digital Audio (Audio CD-Recorder) 
  • Number of channels 2 (stereo) 
  • Applicable supply AC 110-230V 
  • Power consumption 15W 
  • Operating temperature 5-35oC 
  • Weight 4 kg 
  • Dimensions 435 x 305 x 88 mm (w x d x h) 
  • Audio Frequency response (digital in) 2 Hz - 22,05 kHz 
  • S/N 100 dB Playback dynamic range 95 dB Play back total harmonic distortion 85 dB (0,0056%) 
  • Recording S/N (Analogue) 90 dB Recording S/N (Digital) Recording quality equal to Source Recording dynamic range 92 dB Recording total harmonic distortion 85 dB (0,0056%) 
  • Headphones 0-5 Vrms / 8-2000 Ohm Recording values for line input/output Digital coaxial input (direct recording) 44.1 +/- 100 ppm Digital optical input (direct recording) 44.1 +/- 100 ppm Analogue input (level potentiometer) 500 mVrms/50 k Ohm = 0 dB Line output voltage 2 Vrms +/- 2 dB Digital coaxial output 0.5 Vpp/75 Ohm 
Recording functions  
  • Recording on CD-R & CD-RW disc Auto start recording per disc Erase last track (CD-RW disc) Erase disc (CD-RW disc) Erase Table of Contents (re-recording on finalized RW-disc) Manual/Auto track increment Remaining recording time display Finalize (make disc compatible to CD-player) SCMS (Serial Copy management system) RID code (Recorder Unique identifier) 
Playback functions  
  • Play - Pause - Stop Direct track selection Next/Previous track selection Search forward/reverse Repeat (all/ per track) Program play (30 tracks) Time display switching Accessories 
  • Remote control (+batteries) Audio cable (x2) Digital coaxial cable (x1) AC mains cord 
System  Compact disc digital Audio (Audio CD-Recorder)
Number of channels  2 (stereo)
Applicable supply  AC 110-230V
Power consumption  15W
Operating temperature  5-35oC
Weight  4 kg
Dimensions  435 x 305 x 88 mm (w x d x h) 
Frequency response (digital in)  2 Hz - 22,05 kHz
Playback S/N  100 dB
Playback dynamic range  95 dB
Play back total harmonic distortion  85 dB (0,0056%)
Recording S/N (Analogue)  90 dB
Recording S/N (Digital)  Recording quality equal to Source
Recording dynamic range  92 dB
Recording total harmonic distortion 85 dB (0,0056%)
Headphones  0-5 Vrms / 8-2000 Ohm
Recording values for line input/output  
Digital coaxial input  
(direct recording) 
44.1 +/- 100 ppm
Digital optical input  
(direct recording) 
44.1 +/- 100 ppm
Analogue input  
(level potentiometer) 
500 mVrms/50 k Ohm = 0 dB
Line output voltage  2 Vrms +/- 2 dB
Digital coaxial output  0.5 Vpp/75 Ohm
This item is Brand New and comes with the following warranty  
  • Warranty Length: This product comes with a 90 day labor and 1 year parts warranty. 
  • Coverage: Warranty covers repair (includes parts and labor) of a defective product. 
  • Provider: This warranty is provided by Philips
  • Contact: Should you require service, please contact Philips
  • Service Location: Please contact above


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