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Pioneer PDR-V500 CD Recorder Compatible w/ Both CD-R & CD-RW (NEW) 

Manufacturer's Model # PDR-V500  
List Price: $ 720.00  

Over the years, Pioneer has been at the forefront of the digital revolution and played a leading role in popularizing such optical disc media as LD, CD and DVD. Following the favorable market reception of its earlier CD-R (CD recordable) recorders, Pioneer is now launching the PDR-V500, a machine capable of recording and playing back both CD-R and CD-RW (CD rewritable) discs as well as conventional CD playback. 


Creation of CD-Compatible Discs  
Developed based on Pioneer's audio CD-R recorders, the PDR-V500 is capable of recording onto both CD-R and CD-RW discs. CD-R discs can be recorded only once but after being finalized can be played back on any CD player, just like regular CDs. CD-RW discs, on the other hand, can be erased and re-recorded many times, but can only be played back using a specially designed player. 

CD-R, CD-RW and CD Playback  
In addition to its versatile recording capabilities, the PDR-V500 can be used for playback of regular prerecorded CDs as well as CD-R discs and CD-RW discs, including both finalized and partially recorded discs. 

Built-in Sampling Frequency Converter  
The PDR-V500 incorporates a sampling rate converter to enable high-quality recording of direct digital input signals from audio components that use sampling frequencies other than the standard CD sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz. The recorder does this by converting any sampling frequency between 10kHz and 59kHz to 44.1 kHz. 

Digital-Source Synchronized Recording  
Pioneer has equipped the PDR-V500 with a variety of digital-source synchronized recording modes so that when the recorder is connected to a CD, DAT, MD or DCC player, the recording operation can be set to automatically start and stop in synchronicity with the playback source equipment. Moreover, single-track synchronized recording modes are provided to simplify edited recording from any of the above-mentioned sources. 

Z-Concept Employed for Accurate Music Signal Transmission  
Audio technology is continuing to advance along the two fronts of frequency range (X axis) and dynamic range (Y axis) improvement. At the same time, improvements in respect of signal reproducibility including signal reading accuracy, precise signal transmission and precise signal conversion are being pursued along the so-called Z axis or time axis. To achieve such improvements, Pioneer has devised an in-house design concept called the Z Concept, which involves the following developments 

  • A highly rigid chassis reduces the influence of external vibration on signal reading and writing,
  • Recording is possible onto CD-R and CD-RW discs in accordance with the different recording characteristics of these disc media.
  • Warp compensation corrects signals input from a usually warped digital interface.
  • The extremely short layout of the output signal path from the pickup's optoelectric converter section minimizes the effect of incoming noise.
  • A multilevel delta sigma DAC is equipped to ameliorate the clock jitter-induced degradation of sound quality that occurred with the previously installed 1 -bit DAC. Together, the above developments minimize waveform distortion, and in particular, time-axis fluctuation, during waveform transmission, thereby ensuring high sound quality recording and playback.
3-Beam Differential Push-Pull Pickup  
Pioneer's newly-developed 3-beam pickup is equipped with a differential push-pull system that maintains stable operation and ensures rich reproduction of the medium and low frequencies. 

Direct Construction with Minimized Signal Path and Digital/Audio Separation  
Direct construction circuitry reduces cross-interference between signals by achieving accurate signal transfer. Distortion, channel separation and level linearity values are improved, not at single points but across a wide frequency range. thereby allowing the reproduction of music signals with exceptional fidelity. 

CD-R and CD-RW discs  

  • CD Recordable digital audio discs are designed to make a single permanent recording and can be played on all CD players.
  • CD-ReWritable digital audio discs can be re-recorded many times, but can only be played onCD players equipped with a multiread function.
Incorporating SCSM (Serial Copy Management System)  
SCSM allows you to make one-time-only digital recordings from sources such as CD and DAT onto a recordable Compact Disc.  

Model  Compact disc audio system 
Applicable Discs  CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs 
Power Supply  AC 120V, 6OHz 
Power Consumption  20 W 
Operating Temperature  +41'F to +95'F +5C to +35'C 
Weight (wiithout package)  10.6 lbs 4.8 kg 
Dimensions (W x H x D)  16-9/16"x 4-1/8"x 15-3/16" 
420 x 105 x 385 mm 
Frequency Characteristics  2Hz - 20kHz 
Playback S/N  110 dB(EIAJ) 
Playback Dynamic Range  98 dB(EIAJ) 
Playback Total Harmonic Distortion  0.002%(EIAJ) 
Playback Channel Separation  100 dB 
Recording S/N  92 dB 
Recording Dynamic Range  92 dB 
Recording Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005%
Output Voltage 2V 
Wow-Flutter  Less than measurement limit 
((0.001 % W.PEAK)(EIAJ)) 
Number of Channels  2 channels (stereo) 
Digital Output 
   Coaxial Output 
   Optical Output 
0.5 Vp-p +-20% (75ohms) 
-15 to -21 dBm(wavelength:660 nm) 
Frequency deflection: Level 2 (standard mode) 

 Warranty Back to Top
These units are Brand New. 
  • Warranty Length: This product comes with a 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Coverage: This warranty covers repair of defective product. 
  • Provider: Warranty provided by Pioneer
  • Contact: Should you require service, please contact Pioneer at 800-421-1606
  • Service Location: Should you require service, call the above number for further details.